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General Art


  • Explore cartoons, animal drawings, painting, and sculpture, using a variety of mediums and subject matter.

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Toon Characters


  • Draw character's faces for animation, anime, graphic novels, manga and book illustrations. 

  • Draw character's faces from various angles and perspectives.

  • Draw facial expressions showing different emotions.

Creating and drawing human characters is a fun, and interesting process. Students enjoy designing their imaginary character.


Animal Characters

• Study animal’s facial features and anatomy.

• Draw both anthropomorphised animal characters and realistic animals. 

Human Body Studies

  • Study how the human body structure works and how to apply it to figure drawing.

  • Create a character's body structure in different proportions and shapes for animation and graphic novel characters.

  • Draw the human body in various action poses.

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  • study Internal and external spaces, perspective and scale.

  • draw objects and landscapes. 

Layout (cinematography)


  • Create dramatic scenes by putting characters in locations.

  • Learn the rules of cinematography.

  • Create mood and atmosphere with lights and shadows. 




  • Draw human facial structures, shapes, composition, tone, colour and create different moods using light and shadow. 


Still life


  •  Learn how to stage props, colour, lighting direction.

  •  Learn to control the tone for depth of field.

  •  Learn to create the texture of the objects.  




  • explore different styles of illustration with various mediums. 

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